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1. Designs

Choose your design from the horizontal scroll. It can be changed at any time as the design will adopt your chosen colours and text.

2. Colours

Each design has up to 4 different colour sections. Click on number 1 and choose the colour from the colour pallet below. When you have decided, move on to colour 2 and so on. You can go back and change colours at any time.

3. Customise

Type in the number and name you would like to see on your jersey. Choose the colour you would like the text to be from the small colour pallet beside each option. Click on the collar option and colour which will show on your design instantly.

4. Preview

Your chosen design will now be displayed showing matching shorts and socks! You may now go back and make changes to your design or move on to ‘Save and Share’.

5. Save and Share

Your design is now complete! You may now design another, share your design on Facebook and Twitter, download it to your own device or email it to a friend.

For custom made rugby kit in your chosen design, click on ‘Get a Quote’ and fill in the information boxes. Our friendly sales staff will contact you with all the information you require.

Happy Designing!

Rugby Kit Designer is a free to use online design tool.

If you use one of our templates and provide your logos in a workable format then there is no Artwork Charge.

If you provide logos that need redrawing then these will carry an Artwork Charge of £25 per logo.

For alterations required to design templates then there is an Artwork Charge of £50ph or part hour.

For more information on supplying useable logos please click on "How To Supply Your Logo"

Customer Artwork Requirements

The greater the quality of the logos and designs that you supply, the greater the accuracy in the artwork our Design Team can produce, and the quicker your design can be approved and moved forward into production.

If you have sourced artwork from the original designers or companies then we will require these in a format that our Designers can work with. The Design Team at Sports and Leisure Brands Ltd currently use Adobe Illustrator CS6. Files that are saved in a .ai, .eps, or .pdf format where all fonts are converted to paths or turned to outlines are ideal. Please pass this information onto the original source of the logos or artwork that you would like to use in your designs and they will be able to provide our Design Team with what is required.

If you are unable to source original logos or designs, or have produced the designs yourself and are not aware of how to provide files as stated above then please save the artwork as a .jpeg file of the highest quality. Low quality .jpeg files will require additional work by our Design Team and thus incur additional charges. If you have any queries relating to this information then please don’t hesitate to get in contact using one of the following email addresses: